Content Marketing is the only marketing left

“We are as a species addicted to stories, even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”

Jonathan Gottschall, Author The Story Telling Animal.

Content Strategy

Our content strategists will set your brands content marketing foundation on rock solid base. We start by evaluating your existing customer personas and content. We audit your existing brand positioning and then develop a holistic content marketing strategy which is guaranteed to give your brand an exponential traffic boost. We call it the Content Shock !

Content Production

We have a team of world class copywriters and content producers. Once the strategic framework is established. The content creation team kicks in and produce content plans on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Content editorial quality team ensures that only  authentic and credible is produced.

Content Optimization

Our SEO and SEM experts optimize content for better search engine visibility. We ensure that all factors for better search engine visibility of the content are taken into account. This includes in-depth keyword research, best search engine search practices, user behavior and competitive insights.

Content Promotion

Our content distribution team has several years of experience in marketing for biggest Australian brands. We use channels best suited for your audience and ensure that the produced content have deepest audience reach. Using paid and organic distribution channels we make your brand go viral.

Content Maintenance

Google loves fresh content and we love it too. Our content maintenance services make sure that all the content produced earlier stays fresh and updated. This helps leveraging existing content for more traffic at little or no cost. And your customers know that your brand is always on top of things.

Content Reporting

What can’t be measured, can’t be managed. Our Business Intelligence team have developed high-end dashboards for reporting on CKPIS ( Content Key Performance Indicators). With in-depth reports presented in simplistic formats, it’s easy for you to know the ROI ( Return on Investment ) on content marketing.

Is Content the King ?

Undoubtedly, content is the king and marketing is the queen which runs any brand kingdom. Marketing and selling in the online world has changed dramatically. The only best way to sell now is not-to-sell. Best marketers can do and should do is win the trust of online audience, build credibility, offer them genuine help and then hope that customers will buy.

Stakeholder Interview

In-depth analysis conducted via interviews reveal deeper insight into how exisitng material can be used to produce new content production and distribution strategy.

Data Profiling

Existing data profiling is done to ensure that company’s objectives and goals form the integral part of the content marketin strategy. Resources are analyzed to check for content compatability.

Collaborative workshops

Collaborative workshops are conducted across vertical and horizontal heirarchy to integrate the content development initiative in the organization at all levels.

How it works ?

We build an expert content strategy. The strategy document is then used as the reference document for producing and optimizing the content. Our content marketing experts then distribute the content to your audience.

Whats’ your strategic positioning ?


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