Digital Marketing Strategy

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”

David Allan Coe.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Customer Acquisition strategy starts by defining the marketing goals , identifying the ideal customers and making sure that organizational goals are aligned with marketing goals at all time. We at EGrowth ensure strong foundation of digital marketing strategy by creating a well surveyed and planned Customer Acquisition strategy.

User Experience ( UX ) Design

User Experience ( UX ) Design is an integral part of the overall Digital Marketing Strategy. How a user experience your brand’s online presence in terms of design and social outreach improves brand engagement, content sharing rate and eventually Ecommerce conversion rate.

Communication Strategy

Communication strategy establish how your organization communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholers to meet core organizational objectives.

Customer Persona Development

A persona is a group of users who exhibit similar behavioral patterns in interacting with your brand. We build “sample” customers and map their customer journey to predict and optimize User Experience for your brand.

Engagement Strategy

Once a user has visited the website, it’s of utmost importance to engage the user . Engangement is getting your visitor to actually interact with your website. Visitor’s engagement is the key to conversion

Sales & conversion Optimization

Selling is at the core of every business and at the core of every business strategy. We build Digital Strategies which are focused on selling either directly or in-directly.

Whats’ your strategic positioning ?


No Strategy or Ad-hoc Marketing Activities



Define Visiion & Strategy for Marketing


Agile Marketing Strategy, aligned with business objectives

What is it ?

Like no house can be built without architectural map, no digital marketing plan can work without having a solid strategy at it’s foundation. Digital Media Strategy is an integrated framework which starts with analyzing organization’s vision,mission and objectives. It translates company’s existing marketing goals and align them for digital growth.

Stakeholder Interview

In-depth analysis conducted via interviews reveal deeper insight into how exisitng marketing strategies can be bridged with digital space.

Data Profiling

Existing data profiling is done to ensure that company’s objectives and goals form the integral part of the digital strategy.

Collaborative workshops

Collaborative workshops are conducted across vertical and horizontal heirarchy to integrate digital initiative with organization’s long term vision.

How it works ?

Through a process of key stakeholder interviews, data profiling and collaborative workshops, we gain the insights we need to define and refine channel strategies and more relevant customer communication.

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